An overview of casino slots

A casino slots visitor is attracted by the ease of gaming, short periods for each game, and the fact that they do not require any skills or training in gambling. Casino slots have some of the simplest rules in gaming. Actually, rules do not exist. All that is required is for the player to drop coins in slot, push the roll button or pull the handle. The play off table informs the player of the winning combinations for the particular machine, and what each combination pays out, depending on the amount of coins put in to spin. The possibilities of hitting the less paying combinations are always higher.

There are two basic types of casino slot machines, progressives, straight slots, and flat tops. They are basically similar, only that flat tops pay the winner a pre-set amount but progressives have a jackpot that increases by a proportion of each play. Often, some progressive machines supply one jackpot whereby any machine in the particular group can be a winner and the jackpot grows in huge amounts. The groupings can be several machines in a casino or they can be to all of similar machines in the particular state. Progressives are identified by the flashing of electronic payoff signals displayed either above a grouping or on top of the machine. This is the favorite and most popular for casino slots armatures; it saves them the embarrassment of poor play.